Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Burial Ground Lane

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As from today...23rd November 2007...the whole of the album entitled Burial Ground Lane is available for listening to on this Reverb page.
Burial Ground lane is an album encapsulating a darkly comic story as told by the I Am A Spider band...one of the bands featured in the UFK Dollshouse. I Am A Spider have written a number of albums which tell stories based around themes.
Some are already in the can, so to speak. Some are awaiting recording. All will be added to this site and obviously will be housed in the UFK Dollshouse.
Other titles include:

Goggleton Farm
Under The Sea
The Story of Pigglestone Town
Monsters From Space
Robot Nation
Oh What A Wonderful Funfair
The Crazy Circus
The Final Fairy Tale
Romantic,I'm Frantic For You
Inside The Middle Earth
The HarbourMaster's Tale
The Boxes
A Nation of Shop-Keepers
The Story of Fantastic Man

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