Monday, 3 August 2009

Unlucky Fried Kitten @ The Barge

I guess it's not strictly true that it's Unlucky Fried Kitten @ The Barge...cos it is, in fact, UFK front-man...Andy Export.
Andy Export is due to be one very small cog in one very formidable wheel crafted by Medway Eyes.
Saturday 12th September 2009 will see a bunch of Medway musicans and singers performing at The Barge, Layfield Road, Gillingham. The theme...decreed by Phil Dillon and Lisa Dillon, of Medway Eyes, is "The Thatcher Years".....a somewhat goldmine for pop-culure Thatcher-revivalism. It will be very interesting to see what the various bands and singers come up with.

Andy Export will be performing the song which he was doing with his rock-punk band "Acceleration" in the Medway Towns in the early 80's.

"Marry Me, Margaret"

Hello Margaret Thatcher
I'm glad that I could catch ya
I want to be your lover
But the unions attack ya
Will you have my babies?
Careful, I've got rabies
I'll be dead by Tuesday

Born in mid-October
Is Denis ever sober?
I'll fight him for your honour
Hit him with a crowbar
He thinks he's really clever
He ain't really ever
Hello Margaret Thatcher

We've bought our council houses
With rising damp and mouses
The miners are revolting
And you should see their spouses
Downing Street is groovy
Like living in a movie
Hello Margaret Thatcher

Hello Margaret Thatcher
Hello Margaret Thatcher
Hello Margaret Thatcher
Hello Margaret Thatcher

Cecil is a bastard
Denis is still plastered
Play this at the conference
I'll have the track re-mastered
Now I've got malaria
My face is getting scarier
I might be dead by Monday

Blondie is a pop-star
On my friends' bedroom ceilings
My posters are of you dear
So please don't hurt my feelings
Your sister's name is Muriel
She's entreprenurial
Hello Margaret Thatcher

So thank you leader of this nation
For this communication
At night I get so lonely
Without my medication
This ain't no Jackanory
We all know God votes Tory
Thank You Mrs Thatcher

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